Project Description

Grand Canyon Skywalk
Peach Springs, Arizona

The Grand Canyon Skywalk, located on a magnificent cliff overlooking the western edge of the Grand Canyon, is a unique, U-shaped “glass bridge” which is a partially enclosed walkway that cantilevers 70 feet out above a 720 foot drop. This “bridge to nowhere” is a spectacular showpiece of engineering. Categorized as a footbridge, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is the highest in the world.

The walkway is composed of two parallel box beams each 6 feet deep and 32 inches wide. The width of the walkway is 10 feet as measured between the two glass railings that are each 5 feet high. The glass floor is 2.8 inches thick and is composed of five layers of glass. The structure is designed to withstand an 8.0 earthquake and is supported on tuned mass dampers to reduce normal vibrations from wind and human loads.

The U-shaped structure is supported on 8 box column posts 32 inches square. The footings are supported on foundations 45 feet deep.

At a total project cost of $8 million, this structure is the brainchild of Las Vegas businessman David Jin.

The skills and craftsmanship of Southwest Steel are showcased in this impressive footbridge.


  • Cantilevered Bridge + Glass Walkway

  • 4,770 Foot Elevation

  • 720 Feet High

  • 70 Foot Span

  • Contractor: APCO Construction

  • Architect: MRJ Architects

  • Engineer: Lochsa Engineering